About Abroadwith

A one-stop platform for language and cultural exchange.

Founded in August 2015 and based in Berlin, Abroadwith is an open community marketplace for language learning and cultural immersion.

Connecting students to hosts across the globe, we create enriching language learning experiences, providing the perfect antidote for itchy feet and curious minds.

We believe that language and culture cannot be fully experienced from behind a screen. That's why our platform focuses on the human element of language learning - enabling you to find a compatible host based on your hobbies, interests and lifestyle. Offering three unique immersion programs, Abroadwith lets you to choose your own adventure.

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Immersion Programs

We offer three different immersion programs for language students:


With this immersion program, the host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week interacting with the student to better immerse the them in the local culture and language.


This is your typical family or shared apartment homestay with the added benefit of exchanging two languages in the home. The host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week divided between both languages to immerse equally in the tandem cultures and languages.

Teacher Stay

Similar to the other immersions this homestay is in a certified teacher’s home. On top of the basic requirements, the teacher provides minimum of five hours of language teaching. The host must provide Abroadwith with enough evidence of his or her teaching certifications and experience to qualify.