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Become a host and supplement your income with like-minded people.
Why become an immersion host with Abroadwith?

If you’ve been dedicating your home as a homestay in order to host international students, you already know first hand how rewarding it can be. Considering that you were likely connected with your international student through an intermediary, you probably never had complete control in the process of choosing who ultimately showed up at your door for their studies abroad.

Abroadwith gives host families like yourself complete control in deciding it all; from how many and what meals you cook, to how much you charge. Through our user-friendly platform, you choose exactly who comes to live in your home. Below are just some of the benefits in hosting international students with Abroadwith:

  • Choose when it is the best time for you to host, and who to host.
  • Choose from three different immersion programs.
  • Connect with like-minded people. Customize your profile in order to connect with students with similar personal interests.
  • Supplement your income. Charge what you deem fair based on your location, costs of living, and services you offer.
  • Share your language and culture. Learn from far away cultures and languages of your interest.
  • Free registration and use of the Abroadwith platform.
  • Open to families, shared apartments, and teachers.

Immersion programs

We have three variations of homestays. In fact, we call homestays “immersion programs.” Below we'll explain in detail the differences. As an individual host or host family for any of the programs, you are expected to make your international students feel welcome and at home. All three of our immersion programs include breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week spent with the students to help immerse them in the local culture and language.


Host an exchange student, and learn about their language and culture. Pick your price and how much time you spend immersing your student in the local community.

In this traditional homestay program, share your home with foreign language students, helping them immerse in your local community. Students live in your home as if they were another member of the family or roommate. That said, it will be expected that they take part in the daily home activities. Immersion hosts should encourage the student to speak the local language as often as possible.


Host international students that want to teach you their language in exchange for accommodations and learning yours. Pick your price and how much time you spend immersing your student in the local community.

What if instead of going abroad to learn a language you could bring that language into your own home? This is the idea behind tandem: share your home with foreign language students and learn their language in exchange. In this immersion program students and hosts split time between learning both tandem languages. Choose what languages you are interested in learning in your home profile. Both students and hosts are encouraged to take initiative in communicating as much as possible in the dual languages, correcting each other when needed. This will help improve language skills immensely, and make the immersion programme a success for both parties.

Please keep in mind that if you are offering Stay or Teacher’s Stay immersion programs, Tandem must be the most affordable option.

Teacher Stay

As a qualified teacher, you can help language learners improve their language immensely by hosting them in your own home. You pick your price, defining a weekly accommodations rate along with your hourly tutoring rate.

If you are a qualified teacher, you can start teaching foreign language students in the comfort of your own home. Beyond just tutoring, teachers are expected to welcome the students as if they were a member of the family or roommate. Conversing with the students often and encouraging them to speak in the local language is important in every immersion program. Being a teacher in this immersion program means you go the extra mile, taking responsibility in making a successful language experience for the student.

In this program, as a teacher you choose how many hours a week you want to teach. Decide your hourly rate and prepare your lessons. In order to qualify for this program, teachers must provide Abroadwith with enough evidence of his or her teaching certifications and experience.


Esther - Madrid, Spain
Host at Abroadwith in Madrid, Spain

As a host it is necessary to have ownership of your home. Being able to decide exactly what services to offer, when and who we decide to host, is something that has made our hosting experience of international students on Abroadwith convenient and most importantly, very enjoyable. Since my niece has been living with us this year, we have been hosting with the Tandem immersion option so she can be exposed to native English speakers. Her English has improved considerably having native speakers in the home.

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Cathy - Dublin, Ireland
Host at Abroadwith in Dublin, Ireland

Before Abroadwith I wasn’t able to market myself the way I wanted to. I received student bookings through agencies and schools, but never had a say in who ultimately showed up at my doorstep. Since promoting my homestay on Abroadwith, I’ve had the best student roommates and experiences to date. I would definitely recommend Abroadwith to anyone eager to open their doors and minds to other cultures and languages.

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