What language do you want to learn?

Find out what languages and cities are most popular with us and why.

People learn languages for various reasons. Whatever the motive may be — experiencing a new culture, for international business and travel to personal growth, or simply just for fun — we at Abroadwith strongly believe immersing one’s self with locals abroad is the most effective way to learn a language.

Immersing in a new culture, learning a foreign language should fall nothing short of an exciting and gratifying experience. That's why we're here. To create a simple platform where eager language learners can find the perfect immersion program abroad based on their individual needs. They can also connect with hospitable hosts and host families ready to accommodate them and teach them their language, providing the rich cultural experience one can expect when living thousands of miles away from their homeland abroad. For those who are up for the challenge to learn a language, below are some popular languages and places to learn them for users of Abroadwith.


There are three times as many people speaking English fluently than there are native English speakers in the world. In fact, China has more people studying English than native English speakers period. English undeniably influences today’s media and business. And, it is the universal language of science.


Spanish is the European language with the highest number of native speakers. It is the official language spoken in 21 diverse countries with rich histories and cultures. It is very much a global language, and is one of the UN’s official languages.


German is the most spoken language in the European Union, and an influential language in trade, science, and European politics.