Hear from our students and hosts all around the world.
Daniel - Boston, MA, USA
Studied Spanish with a Stay Immersion in Valencia

It had been a few years since I took any Spanish, and I really wanted to revamp my conversational skills. So, I decided to take a two week vacation to Spain and stay with a local family I found on Abroadwith. Carolina and her family were more than hospitable teaching me everything about the rich Spanish culture; from gastronomy to participating in local festivals like the Fallas. In no time, my Spanish was back up to conversational par. Just like riding a bike.

Isabel - Berlin, Germany
Studied Spanish with a Teacher Stay immersion in Madrid, Spain

I wanted a program that could adapt to my needs. I love nature, and avoid the big cities when I can. However, I knew there were more options for language schools in the big cities. By wanting to live in the outskirts, I did not want to miss out on high quality language instruction and personalized teaching. Thanks to Abroadwith, I found a great teacher to host me in the stunning Sierra de Guadarrama, not far from Madrid (30 km). My Spanish went from basic to fluent in just four weeks. Javier and his family were delightful. He is a great cook and even better teacher.

Oliver - Seoul, South Korea
Studied Spanish with a Tandem Immersion in Granada, Spain

I found my language program in Granada, Spain on Abroadwith last summer (2016). Being a student, I could not afford to spend much money on my four week language trip, so I picked a Tandem immersion. I was able to find a Tandem host who wanted to learn Korean. We became close friends and got to improve both of our language skills. I would recommend Tandem to anyone wanting to study abroad at a very affordable price.

Marco - Milan, Italy
Studied Spanish with a Stay Immersion in Barcelona, Spain

I knew as a native Italian speaker, learning Spanish would come easier than if I were to try German. Regardless, I wanted to have a supportive environment and find a good school. On the platform I was able to see very clearly the kind of family I would be staying with and photos of their house and my bedroom. From there, I could see all the great language school options close to the home. The flexibility that the product offers when learning languages abroad is great.

Sue - Seoul, South Korea
Studied German with a Stay Immersion in Berlin, Germany

Learning German can be quite the process, especially if you want to become fluent in just a short bit of time. When I finally decided to make the move to live in Germany for a summer in order to improve my language skills, Abroadwith was a great tool in finding exactly what I needed in a host. In a matter of minutes, I was able to find a host that shared my same hobbies and cooked vegetarian meals.

François - Washington D.C., USA
Studied German with a Stay Immersion in Berlin

It was always a goal of mine to study abroad, but I unfortunately never had a semester free in university. At 25 years old, I thought I had missed my opportunity to go abroad and learn German until I heard about Abroadwith. In just a few clicks I was able to find the perfect host in Berlin, who by the way, happened to be my exact age. Since my stay, I’ve kept in touch with my roommate and up with my German.