About Abroadwith

A one-stop platform for language and cultural exchange.

Founded in August 2015 and based in Berlin, Abroadwith is an open community marketplace for language learning and cultural immersion.

Abroadwith is where language learners, study abroad goers, homestay hosts, language schools and private tutors alike can meet in one place to connect. To exchange homestay and teaching services for language learning needs. To create a seamless life-changing study abroad experience from start to finish.

Before Abroadwith, booking a study abroad program was far from easy.

Imagine just a couple of years ago, trying to find a host family in China when living on the opposite side of the world in say, Spain. It would have been a challenge. Communication would have been lack thereof, especially if you were not yet fluent in Mandarin.

Picture yourself also back then, spending a summer abroad in the lush green countryside of Ireland with a local family. What an ideal way to improve your English! When the commute to the provided language school ends up being 45 minutes away, however, furthering your language studies would have been inconvenient.

It's study abroad anecdotes similar to these why Abroadwith came to be. To tremendously improve communication between students and host families. No matter the distance. No matter the language.

Abroadwith is the first one-stop platform where language learners looking to study abroad can connect with their ideal host or host family, find their preferred language course, and book!

Our platform: Abroadwith offers three unique immersion programs depending on the student’s individual language learning needs. Through its ease of use and search filters, students studying abroad and immersion hosts alike can find exactly what they are looking for in the other based on their preferences. This ultimately creates an optimal immersion experience for all. In addition, students have the option to book a language course from a nearby language school furthering their language studies and practice.

We offer three different immersion programs for language students:
Exchange student stays with homestay host

with this immersion program, the host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week interacting with the student to better immerse the them in the local culture and language.

Language exchange in the home with Tandem immersion homestay

this is your typical family or shared apartment homestay with the added benefit of exchanging two languages in the home. The host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week divided between both languages to immerse equally in the tandem cultures and languages.

Improve your foreign lanugage skills with Teacher Stay immersion
Teacher Stay

similar to the other immersions this homestay is in a certified teacher’s home. On top of the basic requirements, the teacher provides minimum of five hours of language teaching. The host must provide Abroadwith with enough evidence of his or her teaching certifications and experience to qualify.