Take Control of Your Studies Abroad

Immersions with better prices and options than conventional agencies.

As a student looking to study abroad to learn a language, you may find it a complicated, stressful, and often slow process. More often than not, you have little say on your accommodations. No longer are the days where your study program needs to be planned out for you. With Abroadwith, you can find your ideal host family, and customize your study abroad experience to your liking on your own start to finish. It’s easy! Discover a new culture with our Stay, Tandem, and Teacher Stay immersion programs.

We aren’t limited to big cities. Now we’re not saying that living in the bustling metropolis of Barcelona would be a bore. However, it lacks in the authenticity that one might find in the outskirts, for instance, an hour outside Granada.

And when it comes to languages offered, we bring you the option to choose from 170 languages. With Abroadwith, the options really are limitless.

Our intention is to simplify the entire process by giving immersion hosts and students complete control in finding each other. We believe that language students and hosts alike from around the world should be able to connect with like-minded people with similar interests, lifestyles, and of course, a passion for languages.

How it works:

  • Pick your desired language.
  • Select a destination.
  • Choose from three distinct immersion programs.
  • Find immersion hosts with a common lifestyle.
  • Learn everything about your accommodation arrangements and hosts before you book.
  • Best price, as there are no third party fees.

Immersion programs

The Abroadwith platform offers three unique immersion programs depending on the student’s individual language learning needs. Through its ease of use and search filters, students and hosts alike can find exactly what they are looking for based on their preferences. This ultimately creates an optimal immersion experience for all. Also, students have the option to book a language course from a nearby language school furthering their language studies and practice.

Stay immersion program is the traditional homestay

this is your standard family or shared apartment homestay. Host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week to better immerse the student in the local culture and language.

this is your typical family or shared apartment homestay with the added opportunity to teach and share your language, too. Host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of seven hours per week divided between both languages to immerse equally in the tandem cultures and languages.
Tandem immersion is where two languages are exchanged in the home
Teacher Stay immersion program is great for learning a new language

Teacher Stay:
this is your typical family or shared apartment homestay in a certified teacher’s home. Host provides accommodation, breakfast, and a minimum of five hours of language teaching, plus additional daily shared time to better immerse the student in the local culture and language. In order to qualify for this program, the host must provide Abroadwith with enough evidence of his or her teaching certifications and experience.


Daniel - Boston, MA, USA
Studied Spanish with a Stay Immersion in Valencia
"It had been a few years since I took any Spanish, and I really wanted to revamp my conversational skills. So, I decided to take a two week vacation to Spain and stay with a local family I found on Abroadwith. Carolina and her family were more than hospitable teaching me everything about the rich Spanish culture; from gastronomy to participating in local festivals like the Fallas. In no time, my Spanish was back up to conversational par. Just like riding a bike."
Isabel - Berlin, Germany
Studied Spanish with a Teacher Stay immersion in Madrid, Spain
"I wanted a program that could adapt to my needs. I love nature, and avoid the big cities when I can. However, I knew there were more options for language schools in the big cities. By wanting to live in the outskirts, I did not want to miss out on high quality language instruction and personalized teaching. Thanks to Abroadwith, I found a great teacher to host me in the stunning Sierra de Guadarrama, not far from Madrid (30 km). My Spanish went from basic to fluent in just four weeks. Javier and his family were delightful. He is a great cook and even better teacher."